CIRG Training in 2019

CIRG conducts training in Goat Farming. They publish a yearly calendar for the training. We did not see 2019 calendar on the CIRG website. So in this post, we will capture all training related details for 2019.

CIRG conducts 8 days training program on scientific goat farming which covers various aspects of farming which is useful for farmers.

Note: We do not conduct training and not affiliated to CIRG Mathura. This is shared for benefits of the blog reader.

Master Training Page Link – CIRG Training Page

23-29 April 2019 (7 days)

National Training Programme – Hands-on Training on Semen Freezing and Artificial Insemination in Goats

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28 Feb to 07 March 2019

List of selected candidates for 81st National Training programme (08 days) on Scientific Goat Farming.

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81st NationalTraining programme (08 days) on Scientific Goat Farming.

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