osmanabadi goat

Osmanabadi Goat Breed Information

The Osmanabadi goat stands as a significant breed in the livestock sector, renowned for its utility and unique features. With origins in India, this breed has captured the attention of farmers and breeders for its varied characteristics and economic value. Here’s an in-depth exploration of the breed

Osmanabadi is one good breed for Stall-Fed Goat Farming. It is known for good quality of meat. Mostly black in color, but you may find white brown and spotted. It is native of Osmanabad, Ahamadanagr and South India part due to migration by Goat Breeders.


Mostly black, you may find some white brown and spotted


Horn length is 12 to 15 cm in Bucks. 50% does also have horns.


Long, Pendulous and about 20cm long

Body and Legs

Tall and large size. Body length, height and heart girth 69, 78 and 72 cm in bucks and 68, 75 and 72 in does.

Live weight

Buck 40-50 kg, doe 25 to 35 kg, birth weight 2-3 kg.


once a year, two kidding seasons, twins litter size 1.8, the average age at first kidding 19-20 Months


Meat quality is good.


60 to 70 Kg per lactation

Characteristic Description
Color Primarily black; occasional white, brown, and spotted variations.
Horns Bucks: 12 to 15 cm. Approximately 50% of does also possess horns.
Ears Long and pendulous, approximately 20 cm in length.
Body and Legs – Bucks: Body length: 69 cm, Height: 78 cm, Heart girth: 72 cm.<br>- Does: Body length: 68 cm, Height: 75 cm, Heart girth: 72 cm.
Live Weight – Bucks: 40-50 kg.<br>- Does: 25-35 kg.<br>- Birth weight: 2-3 kg.
Reproduction – Kidding: Once a year with two distinct seasons.<br>- Litter size: Twins common, average 1.8.<br>- Age at first kidding: 19-20 months.
Meat Quality Renowned for its taste and tenderness.
Milk Production Approximately 60 to 70 kg per lactation cycle.

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