Commercial Goat Farming Training Video CD

As we said in the earlier post, Training is the most important aspect in successful Goat Farming. It is a must before starting this enterprise. There is a huge opportunity but of course, it also has a risk.  There are a Good number of government institutes and private farm owner providing quality training in Goat Farming.

Goatwala is one of the successful goat farm run in Sundrel Viallage Madhya Pradesh. They have created a Video CD of commercial Goat farming, which can help the beginner as well as the experienced goat farmer.

Note:- we are not related or affiliated to Goatwala. This information is shared for the benefits of the reader of this blog.

This CD covers below topic in Goat Farming,

  • Breed identification & their Importance
  • Shed Management
  • Green Fodder cultivation and feeding methods
  • Dry fodder crops And their valuable parts
  • Breeding Management of goats
  • kids Management
  • Disease management
  • Improved fodder crops and their cultivation.
  • Important Farm practices
  • Other supporting and allied Activities with goat farming

Cost of CD is around 200 Rs at the time of writing this post. You can also get it couriered at your address. Refer this post for further information.

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