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Commercial goat farming training in Madhya Pradesh (MP) by Goatwala Farm

Goatwala farm, Sundrel in Madhya Pradesh (MP) is one of the leading and scientifically managed Goat Farm. It is successfully run by Deepak Patidar. He shares knowledge with other farmer and conducts a training periodically throughout the year.

This is one of the best training in Goat Farming where you learn all aspects of goat farming on real successful stall fed farm. It is 3 Days residential program.

It covers,

————————————–Day 1—————————————–

Introduction to goat farming & different methods of goat farming, Classification of different Goat breed and their importance, Compression between the traditional and commercial goat farming

Goat Purchasing precaution, selection of a healthy & Productive goat, of Age by teeth method

Shelter Management & Farm Equipment, Goat Housing, Design, shed orientation and directions, Feeding Management, different types of feeders, water arrangements Space requirement of goats, Ventilation requirement according to climate Comparisons Between ground, elevated (above ground) &low-cost housing.

Feeding Management of Goats, Green Fodder crops, Available crops, their planting and management, practices, production,  storage.  Dry fodder crops, Major crops Their production,  purchase, storage and uses

Concentrate mixture, Importance, contents, Formulation, alternate sources, and Dietary requirement, Diet chart and feeding schedule of Goat

Demonstration, Farm exposure and Practical Training 

Breed Identification and selection, Age determination by teeth method, Farm Equipments, Goat Housing, Design, shed orientation and directions, Feeding Managers, different type of feeders, water arrangement, Green and dry  fodder crops and storage, concentrate formulation and their preparations and feeding, Goat milking Exposure of  Dairy Unit

————————————–Day 2—————————————–

Breeding Management of Goats, Age and identification of a mature goat, Goat estrous, Mating, Breeding Buck Selection, In Breeding, Importance of artificial insemination & embryo transfer in goats. Care of Pregnant Goat and Precautions, Normal Delivery  of a Goat and care of a newborn kid   

Abortion, Dystopia, Kids management, care of weaning kid, rearing & feeding.

Bacterial diseases of goats, Symptoms, treatment, and caring.

Viral Disease of goats. Symptoms, precautions & Treatment.

Internal & External parasite of goats & their control.

Vaccination schedule, prophylactics & treatment precautions.

Farm management practices & their advantage Tagging, Weighing, Dehorning, Hoof Trimming, Wound Dressing, Castration, lime Dusting, hair cutting, Brushing, Dipping & Spraying

Demonstration, Farm exposure and Practical Training

————————————–Day 3—————————————–

Goat Banking & Marketing For Breeding Purpose, Eid Bucks, local Slaughter, Goat Milk etc. Ideal Goat  project for a new entrepreneur & economics  Government Schemes and Bank Loan, Insurance & Claim

Examination / Test Paper of Training Program.

Open House Discussion & your queries
Exposure program of farm & and Demonstration of all Remaining and  needful
Management practices of Goat Farm.

Certificate Distribution

You can keep track of latest training on villageofgoats forum 

Note: This document is reproduced using due permission from Goawala.com


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