Goat Farming Training by MITCON

Goat Farming Training by MITCON

Goat Farming Training is most important pre-requisite for success is Goat Farming Business. There are many government institutes, organization, and private Goat Breeders which provides good quality training. This article covers Goat Farming training by MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services.


MITCON is a consultancy and engineering service company. It is well known an organization which provides training in different fields like mobile repairing, Livestock management, etc. Goat farming is one of the training provided by them.

Goat Farming syllabus and topics covered

Below is the complete syllabus for Goat Farming conducted by MITCON.

  • Introduction
  • Goat Breeds
  • Selection of Breeds
  • Feeds
  • Goat Diseases and vaccination
  • Marketing
  • Nabard schemes
  • Insurance
  • Goat economics
  • Banking and Finance
  • Farm Visit

It is 6 days duration course and cost somewhere around 5750 INR. This Course is also available in Pune and Chinchwad (Maharashtra) area.


Reach out to below address and phone number for additional details,

1st Floor,
Manik Raj Park,
Opp. Heritage Plaza,
P.C. Link Road,
Chinchwad, Pune – 411 033.
Phone: (020) 65293933


You can also apply only.

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