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Goat Vaccination Schedule Chart

Goats are docile animals. In natural condition, they eat leaves of neem or other trees which keep them healthy.

Animals are confined to the specific area and in a large group in Intensive Farms. Sickness in a single animal can spread rapidly in the entire group and may result in huge loss for the Goat Farmers.

As they say,

Prevention is better than cure

Proper health routine is must for goats as shown below,

  • Cleaning of place
  • Disinfection place
  • Routine screening of animals
  • Separating seek animal

Most important is vaccination. Below is the goat Vaccination Schedule prescribed by CIRG, Mathura for Indian Conditions. You are advised to talk to a local veterinary surgeon for specific information as per the area.

This calendar is generic and information purpose only.

Goat Health Calendar


Name of disease Initial Vaccination


Annual Vaccination
1st Injection Booster Injection
Foot & Mouth Disease (FMD) At 1-3 months age After 6 months after 1st vaccination Every 6 months interval
Peste des petits ruminants(PPR) At 2-4 months age Protect goat for 4 years
Goat Pox At 3-5 months age Annual vaccination
Enterotoxaemia (ET) At 3-4 months age 2 injections at 21 days interval 6 months after 1st

Vaccination – 2 injection at 21 days interval

Annual vaccination as booster
Hemorrhagic Septicemia (HS) At 3-4 months age 6 months after 1st vaccination in endemic areas Annual Vaccination


Deworming Schedule

Name of Infection Age Period of Administration
Coccidiosis First month Any coccidiostat for a week period
Endoparasite After first month Three times in a year
Lice infestation Pre & Post winter
Tick infestation At 4 months interval i.e 3 times in a year


Regular Screening

Disease Period Recommendation
Brucellosis Once in a year Positive cases to be removed
Johne’s Disease Once in a year, preferably after parturition Positive cases to be removed
Mycoplasmosis Once in a year Treatment with specific drug


Download PDF – Goat Vaccination Schedule Chart


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