Sirohi Goat Breed

Sirohi Goat Breed

SIROHI is breed from semi-arid region basically from Sirohi district Rajasthan. You find this breed in every part of India, as it is migrated by Goat Breeders from Rajasthan to other parts of India.

This is the most successful breed for stall feeding in intensive and semi-intensive farming.

Sirohi Goat Breed Characteristic

It is brown in color with white patches. Body size is compact and medium. The tail is twisted and carries coarse pointed short hair. Ears are long and flabby. Both male and female goats have horns which are small, pointed, curved upward and backward.

Buck weight is around 60-70 kg and Doe 30-35 kg. Birth weight is 2.5 to 2.75 kg. Kidding once per year, Twinning common and average age at first kidding ins 19 months. Quality of meat is good. Milk yield is 70 to 80 KG with 175 to 180 days lactation period.

Sirohi Weight Chart

Parameter Male Female
Body Weight 50 30
Body Length 80 60
Body Height 85 65
Hearth Girth 80 60

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