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Beetal Goat Breed Information

Beetal Goat is from Panjab Region of Pakistan and India. Mainly black, tan or red colored. White with spotted also found.

These are similar to Jamunapari in appearance but comparatively smaller. Convex Face, Black Lips, Blue-Black eyes are other identifying characteristic. Average body size 86,92 and 86.

Horns are horizontal with backward and outward twisting. Average weight 60-70 Kg in a buck and doe 46 kg. Birth weight 3 to 3.5 KG.

These generally kids at the age of 20 or 22 months. Kidding once in a year with Single or Twins litter size.

Meat quality is good with delicious flavor. Average mile yield 150 to 160 KG per lactation cycle.

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